We are purely a Distributor of Mutual Funds and hence earn our commission as a Product Distributor. However, incidental to our services, we provide add-on services like other Financial Services, Fixed Deposits Investments, Insurance Services and others. We do not charge any extra Fees for any of these incidental services due to our key source of income as a distributor of Mutual Funds.

As a part of our own philosophy we keep a very transparent and clear disclosure of our earnings for the understanding of our clients.

Sr. No.Mutual Fund TypeCommission MethodRate RangePaid From
1DebtTrail0.10% to 0.60%Expenses charged by AMC
2EquityTrail0.60% to 1.30%Expenses charged by AMC
3Hybrid FundsTrail0.60% to 1.30%Expenses charged by AMC
4Liquid FundsTrail0.05% to 0.50%Expenses charged by AMC

Still want to know more about our commission and want to measure its worth vis-a-vis our services?

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